Winter Hike to Piatra Mare

In February, we hiked to the Piatra Mare plateau, looking for wild places, away from the city and all its grit. Piatra Mare is a great choice for winter hiking and its accesible without any special equipment.

Being in the center of Romania, a hike to the plateau of Piatra Mare Mountains can bring you a complete lanscape of the Carpathians  and, in winter, the air is so clear that you can see all the way to the Eastern Carpathians of Moldavia.

We started from Predeal and soon after we put on the snowshoes. Walking on snow is so much faster using those little things, even in little snow! The forest was wonderful and there were a lot of animal tracks: foxes, rabbits and deer. There were also a lot of birds, and we were amazed to see and photograph the Three-toed-woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus), which is somewhat hard to spot.

Once high on the mountain, the landscape opened up and we could see as far as Vrancei Mountains to the east and Făgărașului Mountains to the West, but, as you could expect, the walls of Bucegi would take the main stage, their beauty and rawness taking our breath away.

After setting up the tent, we took photographs here and there. When the sun went down, the temperatures dropped rapidly, so we went to bed and shared stories and old memories. It was a wonderful evening among friends.

It was a jewel of a sunrise. We forgot about the numbing cold as we looked amazed at every corner of the mountain. It was a truly beautiful, one of those moments you remember forever.

This was our short trip to the mountains of Piatra Mare. It was the kind of trip in wild places we enjoy, doing the things we love. Join the adventure.

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